Already 10 years of success

After a decade the MAGIC PEARL powder still proves to be the reliable and non-aggressive dental hygiene solution.

The “erasing” effect of the pearls assures a thorough yet gentle cleaning.

Today we have improved the quality of MAGIC PEARL even more.

Magic Pearl

Our long experience, following the recommendations of clinical trials and especially listening to the demands of practitioners, have allowed us to perfect, optimize and produce a constant level of quality in our calcium carbonate microspheres, attaining an unprecedented level of quality. An ideal dimension of 60 microns on average, and perfect rotation of the particles, guarantees the best exfoliating effect without abrasion. The achievement of optimum quality is reflected by the results of the analysis showing levels beyond anything we reached in the past. With moisture content of less than 1.2%, a rate of less than 1/1000 nitrate and insignificant levels of heavy metals. The low concentration of nitrate guarantees an excellent resistance to moisture, thereby nullifying the clogging problem of the hand piece that is usually found in other formulations. We have reached an unprecedented level of perfection with the new "Magic Pearl" powder, which we are pleased to now make available on the market.

Developed and tested by dentists

The Magic Pearl powder is developed with spherical particles to safely eliminate stains and tartar film without risk to the tooth enamel or gums. Its composition based of calcium carbonate assists in minimizing the maintenance schedules of the hand-piece.

Approved by the International and European regulations

The Magic Pearl powder naturally reduces the acidity levels of oral fluids and bacteria eliminating the formation of tartar. The product is ideal for treating patients suffering from sensitivity to bicarbonate of soda or suffering from arterial hypertension.

Non abrasive, non invasive

The low hardness* level of the CaCO3 particles, will not damage the tooth enamel since lower than the hardness level of the dentine, comparatively the other powders (NaHCO3) have a more abrasive effect on the tooth surface.
*Source : Friedrich Mohs Scale of Mineral hardness (1-10)

A non-abrasive or invasive treatment device

MAGIC PEARL work by accelerating the fine spherical powder particles, by use of an air jet hand-piece and even adding water if required, over the surface of the teeth to erase and remove the deposits. Dental plaque, soft deposits and stains disappear quickly and painlessly, even within the interdental spaces. It is estimated that more than 200 million bacteria live in 1 mm of plaque, weighing about 1mg. In the absence of treatment, these microorganisms colonize the area and develop the biofilm matrix favorable to their development becoming resistant to drug treatment and the immune defenses of the body. Biofilm in turn causes the uncontrolled development of periodontitis or peri-implantitis. In order to fight against this biofilm MAGIC PEARL delicately gets inside the periodontal pockets.

MAGIC PEARL is a unique method of cleaning teeth utilizing a non-abrasive scrub for precise removal of dental plaque and stains on all tooth surfaces, using virtually any type of hand-piece by projecting a controlled flow of fine spherical particles on the surface of teeth. More effective and less aggressive than traditional methods, this technique also provides superior patient comfort. It was previously believed that the advantages of air polishing where too small to be considered for the management of periodontal disease, however thanks to the latest technological advances made by MAGIC PEARL it is now a reality, even against deep periodontal pockets.

For the removal of tartar film in the sub-gingival areas, even in the deepest periodontal pockets MAGIC PEARL overcomes the preconceived misconceptions and more so the harmful plaque. With an average size of 60 microns MAGIC PEARL unique spherical particle has a very low hardness, the action, in contrast to other existing powder is not that of an abrasive scraping, rather the exfoliation of the surface under treatment.

The optimal physiological efficiency of the unique MAGIC PEARL calcium carbonate in the form of spherical particles, produced thanks to a patented process is the magic ingredient and benchmark for prophylaxis. In addition the alkalizing action of MAGIC PEARL protects against cavities, and the osmotic effect supports the treatment of gingivitis with increased patient comfort.

MAGIC PEARL is the only product to offer efficiency, safety and comfort, both in sub- and supra-gingival treatments. The exclusive advantage of the Magic Pearl powder is due to the erasing effect the rotation of each spherical particle produced by the acceleration when exiting the hand-piece and thus providing the maximum cleaning efficiency with minimal impact.


Using sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), the crystalline forms of CaCO3 such as aragonite, calcite or scalenohedral Rhombohefral or even "hard" particles such as glass beads.

  • Aggressive angles
  • Higher hardness compared to dentine
  • Damaged enamel

With Magic Pearl

Using the Magic Pearl powder for a confortable cleaning, without risk to the enamel and gums.

  • Spherical shape
  • Lower hardness to dentine
  • Intact enamel

10 Years of success

For the last ten years, the MAGIC PEARL powder has clearly proven to be the reliable and non-aggressive choice for prophylaxis. The smooth surface of the spheres ensures smooth efficient cleaning. Today, we have improved MAGIC PEARL even further.

For a professional and confortable Dental cleaning

The unique aspect of MAGIC PEARL is that its active particles are created in a spherical shape, thereby providing the optimum cleaning efficiency: the rounded surfaces allow for an increased number of contact points than traditional powder and have proven to be much more effective. In doing so, they especially help protect the teeth as they have no sharp angles to attack the surfaces.

A wide range of applications

Removal of stains, plaque and tartar
Dental cleaning before sealing
Dental cleaning prior to tooth whitening
Dental prosthetics and orthodontics

Professional teeth cleaning. Unique, diversified, exclusive.

Thanks to a very low working angle, between 10 ° and 60 ° and the rounded surfaces, MAGIC PEARL rolls over the tooth with infinite numbers of contact points and thus proves an even more effective and with optimum efficiency.

Micro calcium carbonate spheres

Easily remove the plaque and tartar due to the acceleration and rotation of the Magic Pearl sodium carbonate spherical particles.

Microspheres 50 to 60um

Nonabrasive mechanical tooth cleaning.

Respect for the enamel

Enamel protection, tested in a Professional Medical lab.


Prophylactic treatment of gingivitis.

Stabilization of Ph.

Reduction of oral acidity, neutralizing pH within 10 days.


Increased level of whiteness.

Lowering of gingival bleeding

Significant coagulant effects, especially in the gums during sub-gingival treatments.

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